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What would Nic Cage's babies look like if he mated with a bunch of different people and things? Dave Stopera asks the important questions. My favorite: Nic Cage & A Furby! -BuzzFeed Dustin…   Read Story »
Have celebrities always been heros, do you think? Consistently saving lives behind the scenes and getting no credit at all, until Ryan Gosling told a woman not to walk into a taxi and now suddenly…   Read Story »
Two Downton Abbey/Comedy TV Show Internet mashups have been brought to my attention recently. The first, as you see here, is Eastbound and Downton Abbey. Very good, I'm sure. Unfortunately, I am not…   Read Story »
Did you guys watch the premiere of Luck last night? It is the new high-profile HBO drama series about horse racing from David Milch (Deadwood, NYPD Blue) starring Dustin Hoffman. Last night's episode…   Read Story »
Teaser trailer for Meet The Little Fockers, you guys: Sure. Whatever. This exists now. I am curious if there are actually people out there who just cannot wait to see what is going to happen…   Read Story »
This December, Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson will prove that it's never too late for a second chance at love: This actually doesn't look bad for one of those movies you see with your parents…   Read Story »