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One of the people from whatever Duck Dynasty continues to be spoke with GQ recently and, if you can believe it, based on the idea of what Duck Dynasty must be that you've developed from the images…   Read Story »
You know, we make a lot of fun around here of the people on the game show who say the stupid thing. This is because these people are ridiculous and very funny. But the simple fact that these people…   Read Story »
A lot of people will fantasize about committing the perfect crime. This has been an American tradition ever since Throw Mama From the Train invented it. "It's all about the motive, see, but that's…   Read Story »
The other day I was in a friend's apartment and saw what looked like a cross between a spider, a scorpion, and a fly. Alone in the room, I stood frozen for a few moments before deciding that I could…   Read Story »
Hey, we can't just sit around talking about dumb stuff that doesn't matter all day. At some point we have to get serious and actually use our brains, because we are adults and if we don't use our…   Read Story »