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We know that the long weekend is over, but will someone please remove us from this vehicle and put us back in bed? Just for a few more minutes? You can make us coffee while we're sleeping. Come on,…   Read Story »
THANK GOODNESS IT'S FRIDAY! Finally, time to get out of our work spaces and do the things we truly enjoy, like driving around in our easy chair, wind in our hair, without a care in the world. Sure we…   Read Story »
In Chloe's defense, it's difficult to know how basic mathematic principals work when your husband is preparing to humiliate you on the Internet. Divorce him! Show your work!   Read Story »
We've all had a few rough times driving in the snow. (True, moving on.) And we all carry with us a deep fear of driving in any kind of bad weather because of the time we totaled our car in high…   Read Story »
On mornings like these, when you wake up and think, "OMGoodness, it cannot possibly be the time my telephone says it is, this is certainly not the funniest prank anyone has ever pulled on me but it…   Read Story »