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You know what I never come across in my search for GIFs every week? Whitney GIFs. Where's everyone hiding all the Whitney GIFs?! Just kidding. There aren't any Whitney GIFs (to my knowledge, the…   Read Story »
Almost all of us loved Drive. It was a fun and exciting and disgusting and Ryan Gosling is very nice to watch in a movie. Every single human knows that about him. When he asked the little kid if he…   Read Story »
Have you ever wondered how sketch groups you like got their names? Not really? Not really but you'd certainly welcome the information anyway? Great! -Splitsider Paul Feig talks about his…   Read Story »
Did you think that just because it was a new week we weren't going to talk about Drive anymore? EEEHH, BUZZZ, WRONG! Now, if you have a million extra dollars, you can take a bit of the movie home…   Read Story »
Salon asks, "Why do audiences hate Drive?" Kelly asks, "What the heck audiences are you talking to?" -Salon Movieline was able to score a few incredible interviews about Dolphin Tale with some key…   Read Story »
Erin Benach, the costume designer for Drive who made the satin embroidered scorpion jacket, is interviewed in Grantland this week and tells you everything you'd like to know about the satin…   Read Story »
Drive! DRIVE! So? Did you see Drive? You were supposed to see Drive. If you haven't seen Drive yet, put your computer in the trashcan and go see Drive. We'll wait. So? Did you see Drive? Sorry that…   Read Story »
This week's Videogum Movie Club movie is Drive. GO SEE IT! It is very good. Then let's meet back here and talk about it on Monday. -Drive Trailer Speaking of Drive, Ryan Gosling is adorable and…   Read Story »
Here are eight videos of dogs with their heads in yogurt cups, basically. -BWE Does this "10 Biggest Flops of the Summer" list mean that summer is over???? Ugggghhh. I never went to the beach!!…   Read Story »
Hard to believe Ryan Gosling Week is already over. So sad. I'm going to miss you, Ryan Gosling Week. But what if I told you that IT ISN'T OVER YET! Whoa. Because after the jump we've got a brand new…   Read Story »