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There were definitely a few questions raised by this week's episode. Like, Regina Spektor? That's one of the questions. And also, who did Charlene Yi fuck over on the writing staff that they had to…   Read Story »
[Ed. note: in a very special edition of the Videogum Movie Club, our chief America's Next Top Model correspondent, Gabe Liedman, leads the Koffee Klatsch.] When I first heard that Drew Barrymore was…   Read Story »
Whip It trailer, you guys: In 1994, on my 42nd birthday, I went to see Wesley Snipes's Drop Zone in the theater. In Wesley Snipes's Drop Zone, a federal marshal infiltrates a gang of criminals…   Read Story »
Hopefully the beautiful weather in many places this weekend didn't stop all interested parties from doing their solemn duty and watching Grey Gardens on HBO this weekend. I've already mentioned what…   Read Story »
This week's VMC movie that we're going to discuss on Monday is HBO's fictionalized version of the Citizen Kane of documentaries, Grey Gardens, which airs tomorrow night at 8pm. As mentioned before,…   Read Story »
Drew Barrymore was on Letterman last night, dressed up like a fancy lady to promote Grey Gardens (Saturday night! HBO! Campy fun/sad times!), and as usual she was flirtatious with Mr. Letterman in a…   Read Story »
If, like me, you thought HBO's re-enactment of the famous original train wreck documentary Grey Gardens was kind of unnecessary, this first promo for it that aired after Big Love Sunday night shows…   Read Story »
So as mentioned in Friday's Friday Fight, I really did attend a sold-out screening of #1 movie in the country He's Just Not That Into You with seven female friends, one reluctant male friend, and…   Read Story »
gabe: you're going to see he's just not that into you, aren't you gabe: unless you already saw it gabe: last night at midnight gabe: "faster FANDANGO" lindsay: Yeah, actually, I'm dragging six…   Read Story »
This is a video in which Justin Long, Bradley Cooper, and Kevin Connolly try to convince dudes to see their movie He's Just Not That Into You by acting out the chick flick cliches that the movie does…   Read Story »