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Loki argues with children. -PopWatch How I Met Your Mother is going to do an episode in rhyme. I do not watch that show, but I would be so mad about this if I did watch that show! -Vulture Oh…   Read Story »
Drew Barrymore is having a great day. First of all, she just joined Twitter -- an entire perfect wonderland awaits her discovery there. Second of all, she is Drew Barrymore! And third of all, she…   Read Story »
It's a big day in America today. We are finally opening our eyes as a nation and accepting a lot of realities that up until very recently, a majority of us refused to accept despite the overwhelming…   Read Story »
Here are some Game of Thrones photos from Entertainment Weekly. -EW Nick Offerman (yaaayy) was on Jay Leno last night (boooooo) and here is talking about how much Chris Pratt can eat. (Yaaay.)…   Read Story »
Jeremy Renner's male make-up is "Bonne Belle beautiful." -Disted A complete list of last night's SAG Award Winners - congrats! -Variety Highlights from the SAG Red Carpet. Hot stuff.…   Read Story »
Hey, what a week! I don't want to jinx it, but it's Friday and Videogum hasn't gone down yet! There hasn't been a Friday like this since 2012! In order to celebrate our full week of the Golden…   Read Story »
If you were to ask me, "what's something that Drew Barrymore has?" at any point in the past ten years I would have probably answered, "her own brand of wine," but I would have been wrong. She didn't.…   Read Story »
"Come, they told me, to legalize weed." -The Stanford University Marching Band 'Legalize Weed Drummer Boy' -BuzzFeedSports Anthony Bourdain live-tweeted an episode of iCarly, wich is the closest I…   Read Story »
"MORE SAND!"- Mason Disick -SurisBurnBook Retta regales us with some opera (with a twist!) -CONAN Bill Murray's 2012: The Life Exotic -HyperVocal MTV icons Kurt Loder, Tabitha Soren, and Matt…   Read Story »
Check out Best Coast's new West Side Story-y video that may make you emotional at the end, directed by Drew Barrymore, featuring a million people you are familiar with including Donald Glover and…   Read Story »