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  [Emily Gordon is a writer and comedy producer. It goes without saying that she has a podcast, hers is called The Indoor Kids and it's about video games. The one thing she has learned in life…   Read Story »
Please have a seat, pogs. Today we have something very serious to talk about. Wil' Wil' West. Today I want to rap at you about awful surprises. You're good kids. XBOX Kinect. You work hard in…   Read Story »
Johnny Depp loves playing authors in movies. Johnny Depp should LITERALLY just marry playing authors in movies, because that's how much he loves it. Get a room, Johnny Depp and the role of an author.…   Read Story »
Obviously, there is some resistance to Hollywood's constant remaking of movies. I think this stems from the fact that the original movies are good, or at least hold a warm, golden place in our heavy,…   Read Story »