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Oh, what a long week it has been. It's crazy how one three-day weekend a million years ago can throw you off so much, you know? I could talk about it for hours. Instead of that, though, do you just…   Read Story »
From TMZ: "TMZ has learned, 63-year-old Dr. Phil has his OWN giant mysterious egg-shaped pod thing ... it's a $65,000 piece of technology that could help reverse the aging process. It's called a…   Read Story »
This week went by really quickly! Right? We all have the same feelings and experience life through the same lens? Which means that you guys are a bit thirsty but also might just have some coffee…   Read Story »
Oh, girl. For those of you who somehow aren't on Twitter almost always and, when you're not, you go back and try to research the thing you missed that everyone seems to be talking about: Last night,…   Read Story »
I've never watched an actual episode of Dr. Phil, and I am not about to start now. One time I did see him berating a mother AND her daughter for, like, having problems, but I had to turn it off. He…   Read Story »
I know that it's gotten very confusing these days what with all of the reality TV and the Paris Hiltons of the world (Paris Hilton, so hot right now) so that some people might think that you just…   Read Story »
Well, that was fast. Hey, remember when Susan Boyle went on that TV show and became instantly famous around the world and within a matter of weeks she completely imploded and had to go to a hospital…   Read Story »
Finally, someone blows the whistle on Big Dr. Phil. From AOL News: LOS ANGELES (March 24) -- A shoplifting case that began with a televised confession on the "Dr. Phil" show led a San Diego judge…   Read Story »
Remember last week when Dr. Phil got sued for the perfect crime? Well apparently that's like his thing now, because another woman is suing him for the same reasons. He loves it. From TMZ: Another…   Read Story »
There is no way that this airtight lawsuit against Dr. Phil won't hold up in court. From People: A woman has filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court against Dr. Phil McGraw, two producers and…   Read Story »