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Elle Fanning models haute bakery toppings, like these eyeshadow sprinkles. Elle! That's dangerous for your eyes! -NYMag Jerry Seinfeld's stand-up on Letterman: amazing as always.…   Read Story »
Check out this bootleg Grand Theft Auto 2: San Andreas game from Nairobi starring the fearsome KIRK DOUGLAS! -TheWorldsBestEver All Aboard the Harry Potter Cruise! (No!) -Telegraph Bruce Willis…   Read Story »
Surprise, Joshua Sasse and Ian Somerhalder, your very serious selfie just got Neil Patrick Harris photombombed! -I'mWithKanye From last night's Fallon, a new installment of Downton Sixbey…   Read Story »
The second episode of "Downton Sixbey" is here, FINALLY, and it is so great. Watch it, and also watch the first one if you happened to miss it because of how you have no idea how to live a life.   Read Story »