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Wow, it's already time to wrap up the week in GIFs! So much happened this week, and I feel like it all flew right by in a GIF. Hahahahahahahahaha. Very good one. Props where they're deserved -- to…   Read Story »
It is now 1918, meaning six years have passed since we first met Daisy and she is STILL a child. Grow up, Daisy! "WAT FAH?" Haha. That's probably what Daisy would say. "Wat fah?" Right? Why doesn't…   Read Story »
Wow, was this episode really tedious for anyone else? I couldn't even watch the whole thing in one sitting! It took me THREE SITTINGS to get the entire episode over with! My goodness. There were some…   Read Story »
Uhoh. Maybe you should have a seat? Take a deep breath and have a seat before you read any further. Let me know when you're ready. Get calm. Are you ready? Yes? Ok. In a recent New York Times profile…   Read Story »
Here's a first look at the film adaptation of Life of Pi. Looks like a movie! (Or just a picture!) -SlashFilm I know many of you had a slight problem with Downton Abbey's second season (I am only…   Read Story »
As the episode opens, a title card tells us it is now April of 1917. This would mean something if I had been paying attention to the dated title cards from other episodes, but unfortunately I have…   Read Story »
Each year, Forbes puts out a list of the year's top 15 richest fictional characters. They have fun. Somehow this year's list still includes characters like Jed Clampett, but it also includes The Earl…   Read Story »
THA'S AH WOR AHN! After a one-week hiatus, Downton Abbey is back for its second season with the Videogum TV Club and tha's ah wor ahn. You know that there's a war on because the show opens not with…   Read Story »
There has been a lot of talk on the Internet today about Maggie Smith (Downton Abbey's Dowager Countess) leaving Downton Abbey after the third season, but it turns out that was all false. (Even…   Read Story »
So, wait, we're going to watch season two together too, right? I don't want to go to WAR by myself. Are we going to do that? We might as well, right? What else are we doing? Ok, it's settled that we…   Read Story »