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This is a photo of Hugh Boneville, who plays Lord Grantham on Downton Abbey, wearing a t-shirt that says FREE BATES at the TV Critics Association panel presentation whatever those even ARE. They…   Read Story »
So I've been watching the NBA finals, because often life doesn't turn out the way you expect and actually turns out MUCH more boring then you could ever have imagined, and last night there was a…   Read Story »
Ah, the season finale! It looks like our time with Downton Abbey, for now, has come to a close. Unless we want to watch the Christmas Special. Do we want to? I hate watching Christmas specials when…   Read Story »
I am aware that this particular Game of Thrones GIF is not from the season finale of Game of Thrones that we all talked about this week, but that is just something that everyone's going to have to…   Read Story »
Ugh, SO MANY THINGS HAPPENED THIS EPISODE! I barely want to talk about any of the other stuff that happened because I only want to talk about the THINGS, but whatever, let's do it. It's 1919 now, if…   Read Story »
With this week, we begin the long summer of our Thursday-night-TVless GIF roundup. How will we even survive? What other GIFs do we even LIKE? (Just kidding. We like all the GIFs. They're all great!)…   Read Story »
The episode opens with Mary pushing Matthew around in his wheelchair and she says, "I should have arms like Jack Johnson if I'm not careful," and it's funny because of this Jack Johnson. I have to…   Read Story »
Wow, what a long week! I only wish that, to close out this week, we had a million upfronts GIFs. GIFs from the clips that were shared AND GIFs from the presentations. Just little sometimes to…   Read Story »
WAR! Open on: Scary war. Matthew and William are discussing how nuts this thing they're going to do is, and how they have to "chuck everything they've got at them." And we think, "What are they…   Read Story »
What you are looking at is -- brace yourselves -- the first visual evidence of the return of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT! Hoooly moooooly! I bet you had no idea when you woke up this morning that it would…   Read Story »