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Yesterday, J.J. Abrams's production company, Bad Robot, tweeted this picture of Mr. Abrams on the set of the hit PBS show, Downton Abbey. This picture is funny to me, because while on the one hand,…   Read Story »
These pictures of Christina Hendricks strutting through Manhattan before taping her appearance on last night's Daily Show are ah-so great. You're going to love them, I bet. No guarantees as always,…   Read Story »
Canadian Space Agency astronaut Chris Hadfield has finally answered our number one question about being an astronaut, and the question on which our becoming an astronaut is contingent: Can you cry…   Read Story »
What an exhausting day! Did anyone else have an exhausting day? Don't go into detail, because yesterday was the day we were all given space in which we could talk about our exhausting days in detail,…   Read Story »
Tilda Swinton began her year-long public art performance at the Museum of Modern Art this past Saturday, spending the entire day in a glass box. She's going to do it about a half-dozen more times…   Read Story »
O'boy, O'Brien is not returning to Downton Abbey for the fourth series! But who will scheme both with and against Thomas?! BUT WHO WILL PUT ALL THE DRESSES ON HER LADYSHIP?! -HuffingtonPost I'm not…   Read Story »
Steve Martin & Joel McHale photobomb Amy Poehler & Maya Rudolph -BuzzFeedCeleb Watch a trailer for The Real World: Portland. Aaaahhh! -MTV Patton Oswalt To Guest Star On Parks and…   Read Story »
Downton Abbey's third season ended its run on PBS this past weekend and it seems like there is a lot to talk and complain about! (I haven't been watching the season, but I have been keeping up with…   Read Story »
This is just a nice pizza box featuring George Clooney. -BuzzFeed Jimmy Fallon's Late Night Hashtags: #AwkwardDate -ClipNation Down For The Count: All The Deaths In Tarantino's Movies…   Read Story »
Elle Fanning models haute bakery toppings, like these eyeshadow sprinkles. Elle! That's dangerous for your eyes! -NYMag Jerry Seinfeld's stand-up on Letterman: amazing as always.…   Read Story »