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PBS’s Nature is airing a program tomorrow night called Saving Otter 501 about saving sea otter pups. ARE YOU KIDDING MEEEE? -Uproxx "There is no good reason for SNL not to cast a black female…   Read Story »
Is this Simon Pegg's way of revealing that he is going to be Edgar Wright's Ant-Man? It's not, but, IS IT??? -/Fim Donald Glover released his short film "Clapping for the Wrong Reasons" last…   Read Story »
Just a good statue of Colin Firth in Pride and Prejudice. -FilmDrunk Ben Schwartz stopped by Paul F. Tompkins' Speakeasy to talk about the importance of taking breaks and Rejected Jokes and other…   Read Story »
Tavi Gevinson was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night and I had no idea that that is what her voice sounds like, and what her voice sounds like is kind of incredible. -LateNight Who do you…   Read Story »
Here are Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield singing a song about The Amazing Spiderman for some kind of German promotional something. If those two ever break up I'll NEVER believe in love again.…   Read Story »
Check out Best Coast's new West Side Story-y video that may make you emotional at the end, directed by Drew Barrymore, featuring a million people you are familiar with including Donald Glover and…   Read Story »
Guys, I know it might not be "the c00lest" to LOVE blooper reels so much, but can we all just take off our leather jackets and sunglasses for one second and enjoy this Community blooper reel…   Read Story »
We set up a Facebook group! Join our Facebook group! You will have so much fun! -Videogum Facebook Group Simon Pegg talking about his new book, Nerd Do Well. -Slate Donald Glover seems like a…   Read Story »
Don't cry Troy, part 2 of the epic paintball episode is tonight, this is a day for celebration! (Thanks again, Werttrew!)   Read Story »
There are lots of reasons why you should watch the new music video for "Moves" by the New Pornographers, which was directed by Tom Scharpling and includes most of the cast of Comedy, but here are…   Read Story »