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And so it is. After a particularly great season, especially as compared to last season, last night's finale was way less "fun" than many of the season's episodes and a total emotional bummer, but…   Read Story »
I miss Game of Thrones! JK. I mean, I do. Game of Thrones is so great. But I am an adult, I can handle there not being new episodes of a show I like for awhile. Not to mention that there are other…   Read Story »
We've been living in the era of surprising, funny commercials ever since Ginsberg joined Sterling Draper Pryce Joan and Pete and Burt. That's not new. And I'm sure there have been some unusual…   Read Story »
I'm not sure I can do much better than the original caption so I'm just going to give it to you: "Bumped into Martha Stewart Back Stage Macaroni Martha" MACARONI MARTHA! -BigBoi 'All Of Anthony…   Read Story »
What's your favorite thing that baby Don Draper does? Is it when he psychologically abuses and/or cruelly ignores his long-suffering wife? Is it when he lies about his identity to his own family? Is…   Read Story »
Oh look, it is a new photo of womanizing alcoholic Don Draper at his desk at Dunder Mifflin Advertising Company in the year 1904 or whatever. So handsome. Such a bad person. You love him so much. In…   Read Story »
HOO BOY. Before we even get INTO it, you guys might remember in the run-up to this season there was that bus poster ad that featured a "man" mannequin in a smoking jacket sitting in a chair looking…   Read Story »
I stand by my assertion 1000 percent and will LAY DOWN MY LIFE in its defense that the first double-length episode of this season of Mad Men; was just straight up Bad Television. The pacing was off,…   Read Story »
Another weird episode! This one was directed by John Slattery. Should he direct more things? I'll leave that to Judge Judy to decide. But there were some very odd moments, like Pete's face dissolving…   Read Story »
I was never a big fan of the dream episodes on The Sopranos. It was always, like, oh look, Tony's talking to a fish because something something the ghost of Big Pussy aren't dreams weird?! It felt…   Read Story »