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OH THANK GOD. I hope at least some of you feel the immense relief that I feel once it comes time to count down the top ten animal videos every week. Finally, I can talk about all of the things that I…   Read Story »
I admit that this video is kind of cheating the animal video format, since the main focus is a baby human, but oh come on give me a break what do you care. This is a very good two-for-one: an…   Read Story »
Here are eight videos of dogs with their heads in yogurt cups, basically. -BWE Does this "10 Biggest Flops of the Summer" list mean that summer is over???? Ugggghhh. I never went to the beach!!…   Read Story »
The first in a series of TWO animal-in-a-car videos, here is a video of a dog with its arm out the window, like a human would have its arm. Although this is a great video because of how CHILL the dog…   Read Story »
Let's get ready for cuuuuuuteeee videoooooooooooooooooooooos! Get it? For example, this video. Haha, dog, that cucumber slice is not for you! That is for a human to eat. Do you guys remember the…   Read Story »
Thank you for joining us at Interns' Corner today! I'm so glad you could make it. No, no, YOU look wonderful. Yes this is a new blouse! Oh, you're too kind. This week we have a lot of great stuff in…   Read Story »
Could Sex and the City return to TV? I don't know, is the world a vampire? It is? Oh then yeah I think it can probably return to TV at some point. -Vulture There will no longer be a Johnny Depp The…   Read Story »
As one YouTube commenter has already pointed out: more like dog BARKour. LOL! This is great. So extreme. How mad is Jason Statham right now? GO TO BED, JASON STATHAM, A DOG CAN DO YOUR JOB NOW.…   Read Story »
I want a dog so bad, guys. I can't have one because of where I live and because of how then I would have to take care of it, but I really want one. I want a dog so bad that when I saw this video I…   Read Story »
I can't believe it's August 3rd. No one can. It's going to be the #1 thing discussed around every water cooler for the rest of the week. It's basically winter already and I've barely done anything…   Read Story »