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Get cleaned up. It's Friday! You going out tonight? Let's go out! Where do you want to go? Who cares! Looking like a million BISCUITS. Your tummy is dirty, vacuum your tummy. See you there. You look…   Read Story »
Great news, guys, you can all take off early today! Go home and kiss your wife. The Internet's closed for the rest of the afternoon because there's nothing left to even do. (Via @twittels.)   Read Story »
What, you think dogs didn't party back when they were your age? Puh-leeze, kid. Dogs partied harder than you ever could. But they also took responsibility for their actions, and that is why you are…   Read Story »
Don't quit your day jobs, baby and dog. You sound terrible! (Via TastefullyOffensive.)   Read Story »
Oh, Uggie. I know that I am late to this one, but I did see The Artist last Saturday because I wanted to have a real reason to get excited when that movie beat out Hugo for Best Costume Design at the…   Read Story »
I know that some of you had a day off yesterday, and that's great. I hope you feel rested and ready to tackle some goals, because today you have to go back to work! Sooooorrrryyy. I don't make the…   Read Story »
What, did you think the Internet stopped churning out perfect trampoline accidents just because it was the weekend? HAH! WRONG! HAPPY HUMPDAYMONDAY! (Via TastefullyOffensive.)   Read Story »
"When you first start to watch DogTV, you may notice that it's a little bit different. It is! It's not designed for people. It's designed for dogs." A NEW BREED OF TELEVISION, INDEED! DogTV,…   Read Story »
Did you hear the news that, A spokesperson for The Weinstein Company said the 10-year-old terrier had "not been asked to participate or appear at the Oscars" on February 26. The announcement…   Read Story »
Martha Stewart's chow chow won the "Best In Breed" award at this year's Westminster Dog Show this week, which is already kind of crazy in the way that you will sometimes hear about someone who has…   Read Story »