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Reasons why it is okay to enjoy "French bulldog fart scare" at this exact moment and not at a time when it would be "more appropriate," like when you are home from work, or on your lunch break, or at…   Read Story »
"Life is only as non-chill as you make it, dudes. Loosen up. Don't be too serious. Stick your head out of the window, let the wind rustle through your hair, and know that what you feel at that moment…   Read Story »
I don't know where you all live, but it is like 100 degrees here all of a sudden and I'm try'na grab my towel after being told to over and over again, and drop my towel after being told to over and…   Read Story »
The big story yesterday was how Al Roker pooped his pants at the White House, and that IS huge and I OBVIOUSLY understand why it was the only thing anyone wanted to talk about. When Comedy 9/11…   Read Story »
You know, so what if it's Monday? So what if it's been raining for days and will certainly rain for a few more days. So what if you woke up with a sore throat and you know this upcoming cold is going…   Read Story »
Some men can stare endlessly into the glowing embers of a night fire, while others are lulled by the sweet siren song of the crashing sea, but for the rest of us there are videos of dogs dancing the…   Read Story »
I thought everyone had already seen this photo but then I kept asking people about it and they hadn’t. Even my friends who have an arthritic cat hadn’t seen it. Even the cat himself hadn’t seen…   Read Story »
There's an article from the New York Times online section that's been going around a lot in the past few days ("going around a lot" honestly just meaning that I've seen a few people post it on…   Read Story »
This girl doesn't even need a packed auditorium of eager minds to demonstrate the CORRECT way to live. You go, baby genius! Teach that dog how to poop! Byebye! (Via Buzzfeed.)   Read Story »