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Lifetime's Lizzie Borden movie trailer, you guys. -Lifetime Comedy Bang Bang's 2013 Holiday Spectacular episode is available for listening, and features lots of #faves! What a holiday treat!…   Read Story »
Did you travel through time with all of your favorite pals this weekend? Were you timelocked in the Moment? “Be a Doctor"? (I briefly looked at a recap.) If so: what did you think?! Talk amongst…   Read Story »
Oh, what a week. We got a new Doctor Who, it was the O.C.'s tenth anniversary, Mark Wahlberg got mistaken for Matt Damon, some of us watched The Canyons, which was a mistake -- I can hardly believe…   Read Story »
During Sunday's live broadcast on BBC America, Scottish actor Peter Capaldi, whom fans might know from Torchwood, The Thick of It, and this (pretty good) spoiler Easter egg, was crowned the twelfth…   Read Story »
The BBC will reveal the new Doctor Who from Doctor Who in a live special this Sunday night. Doctor Whom do you think it's going to be? I think it's going to be Gabe Delahaye. -BleedingCool Simon…   Read Story »
This is a giant Doctor Who-themed corn maze near York, England featuring a Dalek and a couple Doctor Who faces. Aliens are really stepping up their game! Ahahahhahh. Please RT. -Geekologie New…   Read Story »
Someone built "The Homer," Homer's race car from The Simpsons. -GQ Speaking of fans who have made things, here is a fan made a 50th anniversary special Doctor Who (AKA Dr. Who) trailer! It is very…   Read Story »
I am still really supporting our Internet Hero in my heart and in my mind, even though it has been a few days since his video blew up the web, which in web time is roughly 34 weeks. I LOVE YOU, HERO!…   Read Story »
It's funny how quickly you can adapt to change and begin to hold onto it as a constant, more and more tightly until it is ripped from your grasp and replaced by what then becomes the new normal.* It…   Read Story »
Happy Belated Easter, from Wahlburgers. -RatsOff! Of course, it wouldn't be the Monday post-Easter without a belated Happy Easter from Courtney Stodden as well! -ONTD Clint Eastwood is…   Read Story »