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JUST DON'T DO IT.* (Via Gawker.) *Unless the lady requests to be picked up because she's tired, or something.   Read Story »
It's a hot summer day and you're waiting in a celebrity house tour van outside of Aaron Paul's house. After a few minutes of waiting, peering into the windows of a human stranger's private home, you…   Read Story »
Yup! That sounds like a siren! What a wonderful gift! (TheAwesomer.)   Read Story »
Winter is just around the corner, and with it will come all sorts of bad ideas disguised as fun possibilities. Running on an icy sidewalk, for example, certainly seems like it might be fun -- like…   Read Story »
Last week we were treated to a video of a man in a glass box, willingly covered in bees, playing clarinet. It was as if the video had been specifically designed to agitate a number of our (my)…   Read Story »
This is a terrible prank. Do not play this prank on your wife. (Via Gawker.)   Read Story »
It's so easy to think that we're above reasonable outcomes. We grow up watching Tony Hawk do a 590° and Jesse Camp win the MTV search for a VJ, ultimately becoming America's #1 most revered…   Read Story »
They only have your best interest at heart. (Via BuzzFeed.)   Read Story »