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God, what a long week! Remember when we all watched the new Rebecca Black video for her song "Saturday"? How long ago does that feel to you? 100 weeks? 200 weeks? Well, heads up: THAT WAS ON MONDAY!…   Read Story »
Before watching Die Hard this week, the closest I had come to seeing the holiday classic was having seen the Stella short "Office Party" roughly one hundred thousand times. Now, after having watched…   Read Story »
Next Thursday, let's all gather around the fireplace (it's the holidays, so please feel free to refer to your computer as "the fireplace"), and talk about the movie Die Hard! Which we will have…   Read Story »
Studio Executive 1: So we got the OK to put up our Bruce Willis in Die Hard mural on the lot. Studio Executive 2: Oh great. Now we just have to pick an image to capture indelibly. Studio Executive…   Read Story »
Looks so dope!   Read Story »
At long last, Patton Oswalt's "missing scene" from his script for Die Hard. We think we speak for everyone when we say "finally."   Read Story »