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Grab your tinfoil hats! Grab your BookIt reading log! Grab your EMF detectors and your cameras! Grab a sweater and light jacket but wear a tank top underneath your sweater because you know with…   Read Story »
"Hello, people!" Chandler says as he enters and slams the door to Monica's apartment. [laugh] In the distance you hear pained moaning from Rachel. Chandler looks at Monica, confused, and Monica makes…   Read Story »
We've been living in the era of surprising, funny commercials ever since Ginsberg joined Sterling Draper Pryce Joan and Pete and Burt. That's not new. And I'm sure there have been some unusual…   Read Story »
Have you been watching season 2 of Homeland? Ugh, did you even watch season 1 yet?! Come on, guys. Keep up. Season 2 is great! Actually, last week's episode and the week before that were both kind of…   Read Story »
In order to introduce a story about a man suffering from "10 to 20 bloody bowel movements a day," CNN played a clip from Dumb and Dumber in which Jeff Daniels has explosive diarrhea into a toilet.…   Read Story »
[Gabe Liedman is a stand-up comedian. In his new column, he takes on the genre of Dude Flicks, where guns, pecs, car crashes and glib one-liners delivered in front of a burning building with only…   Read Story »
YESSSSSSSSSS! This tip was sent in last week, and somehow I kept forgetting to post it, which seems incredible considering what it is, which is a clip of Kristin Chenoweth guest hosting Live! with…   Read Story »
Oh no! Chan Ho Park, the new pitcher for the New York Yankees, is sick, you guys! :( :( :( I made you a card, Chan Ho Park! For your health!   Read Story »
Tyler Perry already has a new movie coming out this fall. How many does that make for the year? 12,000? He's going to need a pair of these. For all his content.   Read Story »
I don't get what Mike Myers's problem is. Is he in a competition with Jerry Seinfeld to see who can lose the most good will the quickest? Granted, Jerry Seinfeld is CRUSHING IT on that one. Bee…   Read Story »