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If you didn't know already, Diablo Cody is currently working on a film adaptation of Sweet Valley High. Yeah, I don't know. But last night at the Critic's Choice Awards she revealed that it's going…   Read Story »
It is called Red Band Trailer, because it is filmed in a trailer. You get it. The first episode features Adam Brody, who is our generation's Topher Grace. Or is it Penn Badgley? The point is: he's…   Read Story »
Last fall, in the exciting run-up to the Academy Award (and MTV's "Best Kiss") winning film, Jennifer's Body, the trailers advertised the movie as being "from the mind of Diablo Cody." Even at the…   Read Story »
Wait, there's going to be a SECOND SEASON of The United States of Tara? Well, there's going to be a SECOND SEASON of The United States of Tara. Who knew! I did not know that anyone actually watched…   Read Story »
Personally, I've never read Sweet Valley High (SURPRISE!), but I assume that it is full of garbage neologisms and self-indulgent teen-speak. And if not, it is now. Something something hamburger phone.   Read Story »
Let's be honest, there is nothing funny or clever about this, just as there will be nothing funny or clever about the movie for which this is a limp viral marketing ploy. Parodies of PSA's are tired…   Read Story »
Yesterday, Fangoria (Fangoria still exists? Nice. A round of applause for Fangoria, everybody!) released a new picture of Megan Fox looking like a demon from the upcoming movie from Diablo Cody's…   Read Story »
Admittedly, the title of this post would probably just squeak out a passing grade at Readable Blog Post Titles That Make Sense School. Or maybe not! FAIL. Sorry. But, so, Jennifer's Body red band…   Read Story »
Vulture reports that in the wake of its recent second-season renewal (why not Kath And Kim??), the United States Of Tara will soon show Tara's fourth fake personality (for a total of five…   Read Story »
I have a sort of fantasy about this show, where I keep sticking with it even after everyone has stopped watching, recapping, or talking about it, and it suddenly gets AMAZING and I'm like "Slow and…   Read Story »