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When I was in high school, I spent a lot of time at Denny's. (Not sure why we are taking so many trips down memory street today. Perhaps it was the near brush with death I had this week with the flu…   Read Story »
It is human nature to love a fight, and the combination of telephones with cameras inside of them and the Internet has made fights easier to see than ever before. Gone are the days of waiting for the…   Read Story »
Today's offering from the Onion News Network takes a swipe at the restaurant that has replaced Simpsons-victim Arby's as America's culinary punching bag with a report on Obama's first trip to Denny's…   Read Story »
Denny's new commercial is basically a documentary about Denny's. Haha. Has anyone ever noticed how the unicorn NEVER has any money? Dude, there are ATMs everywhere, work it out. Also, the…   Read Story »
Denny's new commercial (via TVSquad) is getting in on that feel good robotic nuclear apocalypse trend. When you go to business school one of the first things they teach you is "ABAYPWTCDOH*." Black…   Read Story »
The new slogan for Denny's, the late night sober-up diner that everyone associates with racism, is actually "Nothing good happens after midnight. Except Denny's." Clearly, they're going for a "What…   Read Story »