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This weekend, I went to go visit my family. It was a very quick trip, flying out on Saturday and flying back on Sunday, but sometimes with your family that's what you do. It was like that movie Up in…   Read Story »
Demi Moore (and Nia Vardalos?) helped prevent ANOTHER potential suicide attempt over the weekend with the help of Twitter. On the one hand, great. On the other hand, what? From the AFP (via…   Read Story »
The Joneses trailer, you guys: Look, I haven't gone to business school, and I know that I am mostly a very stupid person who up until college always misheard "windchill factor" as "windshield…   Read Story »
gabe: demi moore saved a woman's life using twitter gabe: "saved" gabe: obviously, i am glad that woman is OK gabe: but i hope that when she is being examined by psychologists gabe: in the…   Read Story »
The celebrities whose previous video got us to vote (That's why we voted, right? That's why I voted.) are baaaack! In this four minute video (that isn't the inferior Pepsi one), all of the…   Read Story »
It's weird how it's an election year and NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT IT. Did you hear that Sarah Palin said some ridiculous things to Katie Couric on TV the other night? You probably didn't. Barely…   Read Story »
It's easy to hate Mr. Brooks for a few obvious reasons, the main reason being that it stars Dane Cook in a completely serious dramatic role, which is admittedly funnier than any of his comedic…   Read Story »