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Sometimes you read about something and what you read is so convoluted and stupid and trivial it's like, listen, I'm not going to be the only one who has to sit here and suffer through knowing about…   Read Story »
Over New Year's, Demi Moore went to a retreat in Tulum, Mexico, which, incidentally, if you can ever go to Tulum, Mexico, you should definitely go to Tulum, Mexico, it's the very best. I'm guessing.…   Read Story »
"Ssshhh! Terry Richardson is taking my picture in the bushes!" -Demi Moore (click through to see full photo) -BuzzFeed Louis C.K. announced new tour dates for 2013 and the filming location for his…   Read Story »
'Twilight Baby Doll Makes Perfect Gift For A Rational Person,' or also your holiday white elephant exchange! Just imagine how many times it would get stolen and traded. -FilmDrunk The 2012 Writers'…   Read Story »
Apparently Philly Justice, which, as far as I know, is only a joke based on a photograph that someone on the cast of Parks and Recreation tweeted or something, could possibly become a real web…   Read Story »
GQ did an interview with the character Jean-Ralphio from Parks and Recreation and the results range from pretty to very good. Hahah. You should read it! If you want to. Maybe you need a break from…   Read Story »
Cool. Thanks for opening this dialog, Ashton. I guess we should just upload our own YouTubes and you will definitely see them and watch them and think about them and respond to them? And then we can…   Read Story »
Because the movie Dream House is coming out, Movieline invites you to build your own nightmare dream house using nighmare rooms from horror movies. I think mine would be 80% blood elevators fromThe…   Read Story »
Remember those weird anti-child sex slavery PSAs that Ashton Kutcher made back in April? They were so weird! Each PSA had a celebrity doing a "manly" thing, like washing his car with barbecue sauce…   Read Story »
First of all, let me clear up any confusion by stating publicly for the record that I am AGAINST child slavery. There, I said it. HATE IT UP, HATERS. I'm probably one of the bravest Americans there…   Read Story »