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Photographer Nicolas Silberfaden took a collection of photographs of celebrity and superhero impersonators in Hollywood, California. Gahhhh! What a world, what a LIFE! Look at their perfect faces!…   Read Story »
OUR generation's "Someone Like You." (Via RopertPopper.)   Read Story »
In a recent profile piece on American reality TV star, Kim Kardashian, and her multi-media "brand" in The Guardian UK, Kim talks about her brief and unsuccessful marriage to basketball player Kris…   Read Story »
Fun party! I think my favorite thing about this party is how safe it is. If anything it's almost TOO safe. A lot of times you will go to these parties and maybe a fight will break out, or someone…   Read Story »
In March of this year, we were introduced to the Cheetah -- the world's fasted robot, running at a speed of 18MPH. "Hey, that seems a bit like a recipe for Robot Uprising disaster," everyone thought.…   Read Story »
One thing that it's important to remember going into the weekend is that we are all like these more-horrifying-than-you-expected rotting vegetables sitting in a bowl, being photographed every 40…   Read Story »
Last Sunday was the 50th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe's death, and Andrew Sullivan has collected some different people's thoughts about that. #RIP #PLEASERT   Read Story »
"I don't know that I would even say that I know what I look for in a man, because if you say what it is that you think you're looking for, then you're potentially eliminating the possibility to meet…   Read Story »
Dr. William Bell is the world record holder for pole vault in his age bracket. He is 90 years old. Uhhh. NO EXCUSES TODAY, BOYS! Today we are going to pole that vault. (Wait. No, yeah, that's…   Read Story »