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I'm at my parents' house for passover this week. We used to celebrate passover at my grandparents' house, but, while they are still with us and doing great, thank you very much, the seder is so much…   Read Story »
Back in January, we talked about a horrible music video that Bam Margera released for an impossible "rap song" that he had titled "Bend My Dick To My Ass." Oof. Mostly, this was an opportunity to…   Read Story »
Here's the thing, guys: when you think about it, life is kind of like one big LMFAO concert. STAY WITH ME HERE FOR ONE SECOND. For one thing, you can barely even understand how you got here. You…   Read Story »
If you haven't read that New York Times Sunday Magazine article about Lindsay Lohan and Paul Schraeder yet, you really should. It's fascinating. On the one hand, it's one of the most relentlessly…   Read Story »
Hey guys, you know how everyone we love is going to die someday and we're going to have to bury their lifeless bodies in the ground and go on living without them, knowing the pain left in their…   Read Story »
Kelly: Hey, Gabe! Gabe: kelly, hey Gabe: how's it hanging, dude? Kelly: It's hanging like it always does, bro! Kelly: How are you doing? Gabe: oh fine thanks Gabe: thank you so much for…   Read Story »
After the first few days of this you start to think, OK, hell isn't THAT bad. Sure, it's annoying and absurd, but at least there aren't any red hot pokers up my butt or whatever. The first year…   Read Story »
There are many different belief systems concerning death: that you go to an afterlife based on how nice you were, that you are reincarnated as a bumblebee or a princess based on how nice you were, or…   Read Story »
Are you afraid of death? Specifically, are you afraid of the idea of spending your entire afterlife in a coffin, even though the sheets and pillow seem similar to the sheets and pillow on your bed?…   Read Story »
Guys, let's all be thankful this year. For whatever it is that we have. No matter how dark things may have gotten for us, let's remember that someone else always has it tougher. And if things happen…   Read Story »