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The website Starcrush, whatever that is, has an exhaustive compendium of side-by-side photographs of 1990s teen heartthrobs in their "prime," and what they look like today. Interestingly enough, all…   Read Story »
I started listening to this TED talks podcast that NPR puts together. It's OK, I guess. Basically, they pick a theme, like "What's Up, Creativity," or "Check Out Space" and pull clips from multiple…   Read Story »
A lot of people dislike exercise and avoid it at all costs because they don't even know how to enjoy themselves. Exercise isn't just about looking good it is also about feeling good, and what feels…   Read Story »
It's hard out there for a shrimp. Last week was a pretty stark reminder of that, and this week isn't that much better if you don't grade misery suffered by white people on a smaller curve. Things in…   Read Story »
Your mind still buzzes with everyday thoughts as you approach the moment of your jump. "What if the cast of Breaking Bad had their own Earwolf podcast? What would it be called?" You take a deep…   Read Story »
This Amanda Bynes thing has been fun, but at a certain point we can't all just be rubber-necking on the highway, someone has to pull the car over and rescue her from the fire and the metal. Right?…   Read Story »
This is a screengrab of actress Chloe Moretz's Twitter page. She tweets her thoughts and prayers to the people in Boston, then she retweets two articles about herself, and then she tweets again about…   Read Story »
Sometimes you'll hear about a celebrity (used here in the broadest terms) doing something that a few years earlier you would not have guessed that they would be reduced to doing, and for a moment you…   Read Story »
Admittedly, this isn't much of a contest these days. Our commenting system currently lacks its upvoting functionality (and also its downvoting functionality) and so there is no way to scientifically…   Read Story »
Nowhere is safe. Everything poses a mortal threat. Flapjacks = Death. Lock your doors. Wear a SARS mask. Eat matzoh. There's no escape or salvation. We must try and remain calm even when it is…   Read Story »