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Thank you. Please don't forget to grab your complimentary shovel on the way out, and do remember that grave sites are first come, first serve. #pray4bieber (Via HuffingtonPost.)   Read Story »
Your Friend: Oh, your photos are so cute! What are you guys dressed up as? You: Thank you! We're dressed up as the characters from the show Breaking Bad. Your Friend: Oohh, sure, sure, I've heard a…   Read Story »
The final Blockbuster rental happened in Hawaii on November 9th at 11PM, and will live on forever in this photo which was tweeted today by the Blockbuster Twitter account. It is, appropriately, the…   Read Story »
Oh no. We knew Obamacare signified the quickly approaching end of the world, but we didn't know it would happen like this! DOLPHINS SWIMMING IN THE SKY? Oh no. Ohh no. More horrifying than we could…   Read Story »
"That was a nice, flat, and stable rope jump"?! That's what you say when your friend NARROWLY ESCAPES DEATH? Nah-uh. That was a dangerous, pointless stunt that SOMEHOW did not end in tragedy. What's…   Read Story »
It would have been reasonable to guess that after last week's episode, Breaking Bad might let us catch our breath before leaving us, and whomever else, lifeless at the final episode. Some tense…   Read Story »
If "AHHHHHH!" written over and over again would've served well as last week's recap, this week's recap should be exclusively wide-eyed silence. I'm not sure how to convey that in text. Like this, I…   Read Story »
"Oh, it's just a little bug. It's probably more afraid of me than I am of it." That's you, right? "Why would I be afraid of a bug? It's just a part of nature. It's not going to kill me or anything.…   Read Story »
To One Major Dad To Another, Oh boy. Well, here we are. Just to put things into perspective, when we launched Videogum on April 8th, 2008, George W. Bush was still President of the United States.…   Read Story »
The Learning Channel (LOL, JK) made an exciting announcement this morning. From Entertainment Weekly: The cable network has just announced a special titled The Man With the 132 lb...The special…   Read Story »