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Sarah Silverman stars in this video for Psychic Friend's "We Do Not Belong," directed by Dean Fleischer-Camp. It's very good! Watch it, I would never lie to you about a music video.…   Read Story »
Catherine is a new web series directed by Dean Fleischer-Camp, starring Jenny Slate. You can watch episodes one, two, and three right this second.   Read Story »
HBO Go has a new webisodic documentary about Brody Stevens directed by Videogum friend Dean Fleischer-Camp (Marcel the Shell, Bestie by Bestie) so you should subscribe to HBO now like an adult and…   Read Story »
What you are looking at is -- brace yourselves -- the first visual evidence of the return of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT! Hoooly moooooly! I bet you had no idea when you woke up this morning that it would…   Read Story »
Warner Bros. released the first publicity stills from their upcoming Great Gatsby movie and aren't you soooo excited? They all look pretty normal, to be honest. Except Leonardo DiCaprio looks very…   Read Story »
You guys, Brian Williams, THE BRIAN WILLIAMS, will be interviewing Jenny Slate and Dean Fleischer Camp about Marcel the Shell with Shoes On tonight on his show Rock Center. So, that's great.   Read Story »
It has been over a year since Jenny Slate and Dean Fleischer Camp made the first Marcel the Shell with Shoes On video, which is one year too many! MORE PLEASE. (Well, in their defense, they have been…   Read Story »
Jezebel has a few pages from the upcoming Marcel the Shell book and an interview with authors Jenny Slate and Dean Fleisher-Camp. It's all beautiful, go look!   Read Story »
We all know that the internet is made up of 0’s, 1’s, and ETHICS; so it is with an honest <3 that I preface this video by saying that the singer/writer/guitarist/front-boy of The Hairs is my…   Read Story »