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This is a pretty good list. It's weird, though, because after reading this list you don't even need to see the movie, but you kind of want to see it more than ever, y'know?   Read Story »
Check out this picture of Aziz Ansari with his parents & Kanye! -Uproxx Jimmy Fallon has a fitness competition with Michelle Obama -ClipNation David Spade For Eagle Reverse Mortgages…   Read Story »
Adam Sandler bought his fellow Grown Ups cast members Maseratis as a thank you gift and all Turtle got was a bag of weed and a prostitute and this t-shirt that says all that on it.   Read Story » this press junket interview in which Salma Hayek freaks THE F out about a snake. Easily. Hands down. Sight unseen.   Read Story »
There are two new movie trailers that have popped up over the past couple of weeks and I'm having a really hard time deciding which of them is worse. On the one hand, you have the trailer for Grown…   Read Story »
David Spade emerged from his hot tub after a brief but relaxing 9-hour soak. He put on his $10,000 Billy Mays costume, complete with a button-down blue shirt owned by Billy Mays himself, exhumed from…   Read Story »
So, David Spade has finally sent his publicist home, and emerged from his hot tub to speak out personally about the Direct TV ad featuring his dead friend Chris Farley. From People: When he agreed…   Read Story »
Some people, including this people, were a little grossed out by David Spade's appearance with a CGI Chris Farley in an ad for Direct TV. I think the main reasons people were bothered by it was the…   Read Story »
Really, David Spade? Cashing in on the life and work of your friend for a cheesy Direct TV commercial? I hope that they gave you a million dollars tissues to dry the tears over your lost integrity. I…   Read Story »