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A new animated web series from David Rees starring John Hodgman and Emily Heller? For sure. You had me at new!   Read Story »
Funny or Die produced a Thanksgiving special with Larry David. HOW APPROPRIATE! How wonderful! Let's watch it! -HyperVocal Would you like to know five reasons for why Life of Pi is a risky film?…   Read Story »
The last episode of this season of Get Your War On is out and it is great, and they are all great, watch them all.   Read Story »
So, let's see how David Rees's animated web series with the vocal acting of Jon Glaser is going. Yes. Still very funny!   Read Story »
Last week we were given a sneak preview of the animated version of David Rees's Get Your War On comic, and today the first full episode is available. "Who do I have to kill to get on the real…   Read Story »
The first time I saw David Rees reading from his comics was at John Hodgman's "Little Gray Lecture Series," in 2001. (Just to give you a sense of how cool I am. Don't worry, I'm going to kill…   Read Story »