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Imagine a young teen in a fight with her parents, and she runs into her room and right before she slams the door shut she yells, "I WISH I LIVED INSIDE OF A GIF!" Hahaha. "I'M SO SICK OF LIVING…   Read Story »
This should be easy? Just think of something else. I'll go first. Okay. Being a famous actor. Often the hours are long, you often have to stay in a hotel somewhere away from your family, the pay is…   Read Story »
Some guys turned a Subaru into a Jurassic Park Subaru. "What the hell did you do to my Subaru?!" their mom said, JK. -Geekologie Jack Handey's first novel is going to come out in July! ARE YOU…   Read Story »
Bill Murray Had A "Breathtakingly Masterful" Weekend At The Pebble Beach Golf Tournament -BuzzFeedSports Message Written In Snow Says It All, Sweet Brown Style -Neatorama Justin Bieber Joins The…   Read Story »
George Lucas' daughter Amanda is an MMA fighter. Whoa. Here's a picture of her being bloody, there's also a video! -BuzzFeed Sesame Street Presents: "Upside-Downton Abbey" -SesameStreet (thank you…   Read Story »
Yesterday, I requested that you please send me footage of Jake Gyllenhaal and/or Tracy Morgan freaking out on the set of David O. Russell's new movie Nailed. I also pointed out that the notoriously…   Read Story »
There's trouble on the set of David O. Russell's new movie, Nailed. Russell is notorious for running high-tension sets, with his infamous George Clooney fist fight and Lilly Tomlin cunt battles. Now,…   Read Story »