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In 1993, David Letterman made the controversial choice not to air a stand-up set by legendary late comic Bill Hicks, bowing to pressure from network execs who said it would be offensive. Friday…   Read Story »
First off: yes, Kate Hudson acted weird on Letterman last night. She was just much older crazy lady. With a weird green dress. She kind of reminded me of Augusten Burroughs'…   Read Story »
Jennifer Aniston made a rare appearance on Letterman last night, and the question was: Would the cranky host be nice to her? Well, sort of. Dave wasn't exactly mean, but it seemed like he did…   Read Story »
Someone named John McCann (sp?) was on Letterman last night. A lot has been made of John McCain's gracious concession speech on election night, and I think that everyone wants him to find a way…   Read Story »
Sara at Best Week Ever shared the fascinating agony of this Stupid People Trick from Letterman. A lady who looks like Robin Wright Penn touches herself where nobody should touch: the inside of her…   Read Story »
Kristen Stewart continued her Twilight "I don't give a shit" tour last night, appearing on Letterman, who, as we might expect, does not suffer spoiled young Hollywood fools lightly. After Kristen…   Read Story »
The whole interview is delightful, but Alec's description of what he'll do if "John McBush and Bible Spice" win starts at 9:40: The great thing about Alec Baldwin is he tries so hard to be modest…   Read Story »
In an attempt to make up for skipping out on Letterman a couple weeks ago, John McCain finally appeared on the show last night. BARELY! From the AP: Not willing to risk the wrath of Letterman again,…   Read Story »
Amy Sedaris was on Letterman last night, and it was great as usual -- she talked about her imaginary boyfriend Ricky and showed her pet rabbit Dusty's stupid pet tricks: Notice how when she came…   Read Story »
Okay, I think I'm starting to understand David Letterman lately. In his older years, possibly inspired by what he sees going on in the world, he's trying to make more of a difference than just being…   Read Story »