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Sorry in advance for how quiet this is. And for how it cuts out at the end. When I am the President of YouTube (a subsidiary of Entertainment), mistakes like this will be high treason. A rare look…   Read Story »
Last night, on my TweetDeck, I saw this, from @tedleo: First night in while I don't have to stay up So do watch St. Vin on Lttrmn, or hit the sack & check it out on Videogum…   Read Story »
Judah Friedlander was on last night's highly-watched episode of Letterman, talking about 30 Rock, his hats (of course, but somehow it never gets old), and his upcoming book, Self-Offense (because he…   Read Story »
As tempting as it is to get depressed by this GENIUS NY Mag video of diverse, yet uniformly insane David Letterman protesters at a rally outside his show last night, there are too many things that…   Read Story »
Zach Galifianakis went on Letterman Wednesday night to promote The Hangover (opening today!), telling a seemingly ad-libbed story about working as a bus boy in a mob-owned strip joint where "the…   Read Story »
Every appearance by Amy Sedaris on The Late Show With David Letterman is its own miniature work of art, and each one unveils a new layer of this totally original character Amy's created for herself.…   Read Story »
Stephen Colbert was on Letterman last night to promote his upcoming trip to a top-secret location to entertain troops. It's always fun to see Stephen being himself instead of "Stephen Colbert," but…   Read Story »
Last week on Letterman, Alec Baldwin made a joke about considering ordering a "Filipino mail-order bride, or maybe a Russian one." So now they're mad over in the Philippines. (No word yet from…   Read Story »
Alec Baldwin Promise time! Alec was on Letterman last night to promote tomorrow's finale of 30 Rock, and in addition to playfully making fun of his daughter (we're finally there now!), he described…   Read Story »
Norm MacDonald went on Letterman last night and did his Norm MacDonald thing. That's all anyone really needs to know at this point: Norm MacDonald is simply still the best late night TV interview…   Read Story »