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Bill Murray was on Letterman last night. He talked Ghostbusters 3. He did not talk, at least in this clip, about what is up with his outfit. Which almost makes it even better. Some things are…   Read Story »
It's nice to get back to the roots of things. The past few installments of the Videogum "Tracy Morgan Promise" have involved tell-all memoirs and tearful interviews on NPR. Both of those things are…   Read Story »
Well, America, it all comes down to this. Who will walk off the field victorious? Will it be some stupid CGI e-Trade baby, or, like, a pair of tits with Go Daddy written on them in ketchup or…   Read Story »
Jay Leno issues his own letter. Kenneth the Page interrupts Conan's monologue and then Conan interviews Ricky Gervais. And Dave Letterman lets NBC have it.   Read Story »
Last night, TMZ reported that Jay Leno is already in talks to not only return to 11:30, but his show will be called The Tonight Show. Perfect. And this exists now, of course. Anyway, on last nights…   Read Story »
Whoa. Do you know what this is like? This is like when I was old enough to start listening to NPR on my own and not just in my mom's car on the way home from school or whatever, and at a certain…   Read Story »
This is an interesting look behind-the-scenes at the sexist world of Late Night television written by a woman who used to work for Letterman. I would make a "take back the Late Night" joke, but that…   Read Story »
You crazy for this one, Fey! (Get it? You get it. Yesterday.) I know that it's a cliche at this point to watch celebrities give an interview and think that you would be friends with them, because…   Read Story »
Sorry, I know this is already OLD NEWS in Internet Time, but I am on California Time, also known as Fresh Squeezed Grapefruit Juice Time. BREAKING: it's delicious! Anyway, Dave spent most of his show…   Read Story »