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Looking good, David Arquette! Looking GREAT! This is a photo of David Arquette on the set of a romantic comedy called Orion that David Arquette tweeted himself. Just to clarify, David Arquette put on…   Read Story »
America's favorite (divorced?) power couple are currently shopping around a new comedy called 10 Years, which sounds basically exactly like Friends except with the number 10 in it. "Could I BE any…   Read Story »
Um. So. Videogum reader (and former programmer) Jim sent in a link to a Tumblr posting that reads the following: In 2005, David Arquette had a passion project that he (inexplicably) made into a…   Read Story »
Probably won't see this. I didn't like any of the other entries in the Scary Movie series, and just in general am not a fan of the Wayans brothers' work. BING BONG, GOTCHA, SCREAMS! For real, though,…   Read Story »