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Oh my god. You know how we're pretty sure that if either of us ever met Robert Pattinson it would be just, like, love at first sight or whatever? For him? And how you said you know that he would be…   Read Story »
1. Before you choose your brunette, make sure you have a good understanding of your brunette's habitat and what she will need to live a happy and healthy life. Does she have any allergies? What books…   Read Story »
No, because SHE IS HER OWN UNIQUE PERSON. Put cinnamon on your food, ladies.   Read Story »
Last we checked in with Kate Gosselin, famed blogger for, she was on the Today show talking about how her tiny, sad, ruined children "really, honestly miss filming." (I assume she…   Read Story »
Pat Robertson is the KING of making just about anything sound like a hate-filled tornado of bigoted venom. Everything that he is saying in this clip is actually pretty fair. I mean, if your religion…   Read Story »
Oh, girls. It's been so long since you've just been taken on a date. Sure, you've dated guys recently -- some relationships more serious than others -- but, I don't know, those nights never really…   Read Story »
You know how sometimes you read something about someone and it affects you in such a way that makes you to see everyone and everything in your life a little differently? Like, it may not be something…   Read Story »
Remember Your dating site? Where you met your wife/husband? Based on your own personal and extensive experience with the site, you know that it's the premiere on-line resource for…   Read Story »
Jason Segel, star of the new Muppets movie that you probably haven't even heard about yet, is everywhere these days. Remember when he hosted Saturday Night Live? I know it seems like forever ago, but…   Read Story »
Guys, pay attention. It is always funny how cheap and weird before and after pictures look when you're dealing with weight loss or teeth whitening or whatever, because it's obviously just two…   Read Story »