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This Guy: Oh, did I show you my video yet? His Friend: No, I don't think so! Let me see! This Guy: Okay, here we gooo: His Friend: Ahh...hah...whoa! This Guy: Uh...You seem like you're being a…   Read Story »
Come on, Tiny Darth Vader! We have a lot to get to today! Tell your mom to turn her iPhone on its side so we could get a better look at what's going on here, though that isn't to say that we don't…   Read Story »
It's not that bad, honestly. I listened to this for a little over two minutes with no problems. No problems at all until the very end when I didn't want to listen to it anymore and then turned it…   Read Story »
Dear Internet, This weekend, during the Super Bowl, Volkswagon ran an advertisement featuring a small child dressed as Darth Vader trying to use "the force" around the house, and then tried to use…   Read Story »