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Yesterday, a mostly-unsubstantiated report about Will and Jada Pinkett Smith getting separated ROCKED OUR WHOLE WORLD. These guys know what I'm talking about. ("This is our Royal Family!" - those…   Read Story »
Did you know that there are Flux Capacitor replicas that you can buy for 229 dollars? There are. Just in case you have 229 but don't have the ability to grow up. Look, it's no secret that there is…   Read Story »
From Roger Ebert's Step Brothers review (via Vulture): Sometimes I think I am living in a nightmare. All about me, standards are collapsing, manners are evaporating, people show no respect for…   Read Story »
This promo for tonight's Moment Of Truth skips past the now-boring relationship-ruining questions and cuts to the heart of the west's apathy toward crises in other parts of the world. Holy shit, they…   Read Story »