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New Game of Thrones season four photos, you guys. [Spoiler: Everyone still looks beautiful and I still would like to have the hair and face of Emilia Clarke.] -HBO Lori Petty is joining the cast of…   Read Story »
Alexander Skarsgard drunkenly cheered for his team at a football match in Sweden recently. The stars, they're just like not us exactly but certainly people we know or at the very least people we…   Read Story »
A brief interview in which Danny McBride explains WTF the deal is with Eastbound and Down coming back for another season.   Read Story »
HBO has picked up eight more episodes of Eastbound and Down. No more Eastbound and Down is fucking out and more Eastbound and Down is fucking in!   Read Story »
In the midst of all of the TV last night, which was so much TV, there was, of course, the Eastbound and Down series finale. We haven't talked that much AS A FAMILY about this season, but that's…   Read Story »
This is a real thing, apparently.   Read Story »
Project X, your favorite movie, is getting a sequel! How does Hollywood even know exactly what you want all of the time, I have no idea! You're so lucky! -FilmDrunk Topher Grace edited down a bunch…   Read Story »
"But my advice to you, Mr. Tebow, from one Gifted Young Athlete to another: don't kill yourself trying to make sense of all the madness."   Read Story »
You're fucking out, and the first trailer for the new season of Eastbound and Down, which premieres February 19th, is in. Good use of a reference to the show!   Read Story »
Jesse Eisenberg is great, we all know that, but sometimes he says things where you're like, Ugh, ok, don't say any more things. Like when he says he'd be a bike messenger if he weren't an actor.…   Read Story »