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Arnold was right, this Christmas party is VERY special! What a treat it must have been for the children to have bizarre celebrities and ancient champion bowlers scream an off-kilter Christmas carol…   Read Story »
It's funny how yesterday we were all talking about the Anchorman 2 announcement, like that was any kind of a big deal, when the news of TWINS 2: TRIPLETS with EDDIE MURPHY AS THE THIRD TWIN was just…   Read Story »
Have you ever been to the Hollywood Walk of Fame? I hadn't until very recently. It's weird! It is basically a stretch of, like, bodegas and fishnet stockings stores but with a fancy sidewalk. (Even…   Read Story »
A brief herstory of Danny DeVito at Coachella.   Read Story »
There's a new trend on Twitter in which celebrities post photos of themselves holding a piece of paper with their Twitter address written down. You know, to prove that it's really their Twitter…   Read Story »
When In Rome trailer, you guys: OH. WOW. Nothing says "we have it all under control and know what we are doing" like a movie trailer that has an extended voice over explanation outlining every…   Read Story »
As a promo for It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 5, coming in September, the Gang put together this compilation of fans (including Ted Leo and of Montreal) singing "Dayman" from last year's…   Read Story »
Last night's season finale was really good. PHEW. Leave them wanting more, am I right you guys? That's probably the second most important showbiz rule aft--TIMING! So, now that we've finished the…   Read Story »
Next week is the season finale already! I think that the shortened seasons help this show to remain "fresh." It means that "the gang" only has to come up with a dozen premises per season, rather than…   Read Story »
Last week, I really harped on the fact that Charlie and Dee are the best thing about this show, and that for the most part, Dennis and Mac and Danny DeVito I could do without. But come on, you guys…   Read Story »