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Daniel Songer, comedian, poet, entertainer, is one of the Internet's great mysteries. We all know that he loves comedy. We know that. And we know that he retired earlier this year, only to make a…   Read Story »
It was little more than a month ago when Daniel Songer, poet, comedian, dancer, entertainer (in that order), famously announced his retirement in Comedy_Entertainment Act 91.mpg. But today, ladies…   Read Story »
I think we can all remember where we were when we first discovered the comedic stylings of Daniel Songer. (Because we were all here.) Now, four long, memorable months later, Daniel Songer is hanging…   Read Story »
Life isn't getting any easier, I will tell you that much. If the recent events in Haiti have taught us anything, it is that we should all be a lot more grateful for what we have. The line between…   Read Story »