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[Between his current stint on Broadway and his final turn as Harry Potter in the last installment of the wildly popular Harry Potter movie franchise, Daniel Radcliffe has a very busy schedule, so he…   Read Story »
Here's a very exciting new development in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II news. It's a poster! And a thing even more exciting than a movie trailer, like the Harry Potter and the…   Read Story »
Well, little girls, I guess this is it! I've gotten in trouble for saying this before, but I don't like the Harry Potter movies that much. DEAL WITH IT DOT GIF. They just seem like rather bloodless…   Read Story »
[Stephen K has a lifestyle blog and co-authors a fashion advice twitter that never gets updated. In this column, he will tell you how to get the hottest looks of today.] With the penultimate Harry…   Read Story »
As you know, the first of the two-part Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movies will be released this November, followed by the second part next July. (SPOILER ALERT: MAGIC ISN'T REAL.) Obviously,…   Read Story »
By now you have probably seen the videos (after the jump) of a young Japanese girl who won a contest to interview Harry Potter going basically INSANE when Daniel Radcliffe surprises her on set. And…   Read Story »
We didn't do a Videogum Movie Club for Harry Potter this weekend because it seemed kind of pointless. What is there even to say about Harry Potter anymore? Well, you can be the judge of that in this…   Read Story »
I've never seen any Harry Potter movies or read any Harry Potter books, but I do have the same innate curiosity about the private parts of famous people as anyone else in the world, probably even…   Read Story »
Now this is how you do a Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince trailer. None of this 15 pointless seconds of whispers and dull promises bullshit. You should really watch it in HD, which you can…   Read Story »