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Every looks great in these character posters for American Hustle. I mean, Christian Bale looks paricularly not great, but everyone else? Except for Bradley Cooper? Everyone else looks great, except…   Read Story »
Harry Potter's got horns, everybody! -EW Betty White has won the Guinness World Record for “Longest TV Career For An Entertainer (Female).” Congratulations, Betty White. That's a very weird…   Read Story »
Here is Aaron Paul posing as himself at the ABQ Urban Outfitters face-in-hole. Jesse Pinkman all the way down. -HeisenbergChronicles Amy Sedaris & Jimmy Fallon make a 'crafty candle salad'…   Read Story »
Trailer day is still Friday at Videogum, but we cannot sit on something as EXPLOSIVE as Daniel Radcliffe and Jon Hamm sitting in a clawfoot bathtub together passing loofas around. (Not to mention…   Read Story »
Here is a candid photo of Daniel Radcliffe hanging out by a tree! -EW Has everyone's happiness level increased an appropriate amount since the return of Bob's Burgers last week? Great! Mine too!…   Read Story »
Another day, another set of TV-themed Valentine's Day cards. This time it's Downton Abbey! I like this set the best out of ALL the TV-themed Valentine's Day card sets we've seen yet. What an honor.…   Read Story »
Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, kind of, so you know what that means: Pop culture Valentine's Day cards on websites! "Print them out" and "give" them to your "friends"! These ones are It's…   Read Story »
Daniel Radcliffe. What can you even say? Seriously? Does anyone have anything to say? I don't know what to say! I'll begin again. Daniel Radcliffe hosted Saturday Night Live this week in promotion…   Read Story »
The first day a movie poster is officially released is a very exciting day in the life of any film fan. What will it look like? Will I like it? Will there be a tagline included? What will the tagline…   Read Story »
It all ends. Right? Did it all end? As some of you may know, I do not watch the Harry Potter movies. SO SUE ME! I've seen the first four or five or so, but I realized during the last one that I…   Read Story »