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Ring, ring, ring, y'all! Better pick up your Sony Phones no matter where they might be, in a fishbowl, in your beer [AIRHORN!], in your XxxXxdisgustingxXxxX toilet, or wherever, man, 'cause it don't…   Read Story »
These are photos of Danica McKellar, perhaps best known as Winnie Cooper in The Wonder Years, on the set of an Avril Lavigne music video. It's funny, you know. There's a psychological study that I am…   Read Story »
Suri Cruise Facepalm = 2013 in a nutshell, so far! -SurisBurnBook J. Woww speaks out about "vile" butt pics; sets the record straight with her own better butt videos and pics.…   Read Story »
Checking in with Danica McKellar Winnie Cooper on the red carpet for the premiere of This Is 40: yep, still looks great! -BuzzFeed Jim Carter aka Mr. Carson from Downton Abbey juggles some fruit on…   Read Story »
Just kidding, they are totally legal. If anything, they are TOO legal. Danica McKellar is 58 years old.   Read Story »