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All the Jews do this for sure without exception. Yup! FACT. To celebrate Passover. The Passover Dance!   Read Story »
Hey! It's Friday! Strap all your dolls to your bodies and dance to Michael Jackson with them perfectly, YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE! (Via OHYST.)   Read Story »
OH THANK GOD. Thank god we all woke up and it was Friday rather than Monday, and we don't have to repeat this week in an infinite loop forever and ever. That would have been awful. I can't think of…   Read Story »
It seems like just yesterday children were dumb little blobs who could barely do anything, and look at them now: the best dancers. What will they accomplish next? Will they become the best chefs? The…   Read Story »
Thanks, Donny! Everyone else: AS YOU WERE! (Via VVV.)   Read Story »
Thanks, ladies! Break over! Back to work! (Via BBC.)   Read Story »
It must be a bit disheartening for people who have worked their whole lives to become perfect dancers to see this tiny baby, right out of the gate, dancing much more perfectly than they ever could.…   Read Story »
"But it's not even noon yet on a Thursday." "But I have so much work to do." "But I don't feel like it." "But I'm tired." "But I haven't even had my second cup of coffee yet." "But I'm not wearing my…   Read Story »
Fair enough. Have fun, buddy! (Via TheDailyWhat.) Previously.   Read Story »
Thanks, little guy. I wish you were a GIF that I could look at all day long. You are a true delight and a wonderful talent, but YOUR BREAK IS OVER NOW! GET BACK TO BABY WORK! (Thanks for the tip,…   Read Story »