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Great dance show, Sam. See you next year! (Thanks for the tip, Jed.)   Read Story »
The New York Times made a beautiful, short documentary about subway break-dancers, which you can watch after the jump. It is the kind of thing that makes you remember why you fell in love in the…   Read Story »
There are certain things that become so ingrained into our popular culture that we cannot imagine a time when they didn't exist, and yet there was a time when they were wholly new. The image of Santa…   Read Story »
Do what you need to do to get the job done, for sure, but try to let loose as much as you can. Have fun with it. Stand up on your keyboard and dance on the keys until the right ones get clicked. Will…   Read Story »
A lot of people dislike exercise and avoid it at all costs because they don't even know how to enjoy themselves. Exercise isn't just about looking good it is also about feeling good, and what feels…   Read Story »
It can sometimes be disheartening to log into the day (that's what we call waking up, right?) (because we all wake up and immediately pull our laptops into bed with us?) and see that what it has to…   Read Story »
If a policewoman can do it, we can UH-DEFINITELY do it. (Via ViralViral.)   Read Story »
To you, being covered in bees while performing a dance for the Internet might not sound like a nice way to spend your sunny afternoon. The loud buzzing of swarm ringing in your ears, the tiny furry…   Read Story »
In the words of Mr. Mask, alright then.   Read Story »