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Last week, Kirstie Alley fell down on Dancing with the Stars. This week she lost her shoe. Tragedy plus time becomes comedy, but I believe the inverse may also be true.   Read Story »
By now, you have surely seen the above clip already in which Kirstie Alley falls (well, is dropped) during her performance of the Rumba! on last night's episode of Dancing with the Stars. Afterwards,…   Read Story »
The more I think about this whole Chris Brown on Dancing with the Stars thing, the worse it feels. His album debuted at #1 this week, what more publicity does showbiz need to offer him? The man is a…   Read Story »
On last night's episode of Dancing with the Stars, Chris Brown performed a couple of songs and danced his heart or whatever dark thing beats in that evil chest out. Sure. The truth be told, if there…   Read Story »
Haha, a TMZ reporter asks Al Sharpton why he declined to appear on Dancing With The Stars for the second time. Al Sharpton says he has some sick dance moves but is just too busy being Al Sharpton to…   Read Story »
Don't worry, though, you guys, the headline is ONLY THE BEGINNING. From the SmokingGun: NOVEMBER 17--Like most Americans, Steven Cowan has been perplexed by Bristol Palin’s curious ability to…   Read Story »
A recent poll found deep (not deep) divisions (nope) between Democrats and Republicans when it came to their television viewing habits. Please see the Science Chart below: If you adjust for…   Read Story »
So, there has to be someone out there sitting up in bed at night sipping Constant Comment tea while propped against a husband pillow from Target watching Dancing with the Stars on a $45 flat-screen…   Read Story »
Sometimes I feel like Charlie Brown when he runs to kick the football that Lucy is holding but right at the last second she pulls it away and he goes flying into the air. Except that instead of…   Read Story »
Shawn Johnson, whoever that is, found herself in dangerous proximity last night to what can only be described as the most unambiguous boner ever to appear during the family hour. Oops. Yep. Ha!   Read Story »