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Dan Harmon's Community returned to NBC last night for its fifth season (fifth season!) (with Dan Harmon back!) (it is honestly insane how this has all played out, save for a few bumps, exactly to the…   Read Story »
Bruce Willis is hosting this weekend's episode of Saturday Night Live, and you can watch his promos now. Remember when he was mean to that interviewer? What a weirdo! (PS: Also, remember when he was…   Read Story »
Matt Reeves spoke with Anne Thompson at Comic-Con about where he plans to take Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, which is only interesting to me because I recently saw Rise of the Planet of the Apes…   Read Story »
Michael Cera's new short film for the YouTube channel JASH is called "Failure" and also stars Aubrey Plaza. If you like what I like, you're going to like it! -MichaelCera James Franco is looking…   Read Story »
Fictional movie locations depicted as mid-century travel posters. -LaughingSquid After last night's Mad Men, AMC sent out a press release from "Peggy Olsen" announcing the agency's rebranding.…   Read Story »
Game of Thrones finale GIFs, you guuuuuyyyyyyssss! As I come from a place of ignorance, I was only able to grab a few that were specifically labeled as being from the season finale. Feel free to post…   Read Story »
From The Hollywood Reporter: "Following weeks of rumor and confirmation from Harmon, producers Sony Pictures Television confirm that Harmon will return as showrunner for the fifth season of…   Read Story »
It looks like Dan Harmon is going to be returning to Community for season five. Man oh man. First a new season of Arrested Development, and then another example of something like this happening…   Read Story »
Aaron Paul got married this past weekend (not to me). Whatever. David Blaine did magic at the wedding reception. Whatever. There was a ferris wheel, WHATEVER. -UsWeekly Dan Harmon was possibly…   Read Story »
Grantland wrote about spending thirty-six hours on the road with Dan Harmon, while he traveled around for his Harmontown podcast tour, and it is worth reading! (Even though thirty-six hours with Dan…   Read Story »